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Building Culture Remotely

Wellness Budgets, buying pets and combating zoom fatigue... 2020 has been a year of learning and for many businesses accelerated how they address their work-life balance. 

With many businesses choosing to keep their offices closed until 2021, we wanted to revisit the first episode of our podcast series, Life in Digital. In the 'purpose in advertising' episode, we spoke with Julia Hitchman, Head of Brand and Agency Partnerships at Good Loop (a leading ethical ad platform) on building culture remotely. 

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"Working from home for one day is very different to working from home for the foreseeable...

"We've all been given a sum of money each month that we can use to make sure our working from home environment, is a working from home environment; be it getting a desk, getting a proper chair so we're not just hunched over our sofas and things like that.

"We also have a wellness budget, it goes on anything from private healthcare to counseling to dental treatment, whatever it might be, but just to make sure everyone feels looked after and supported.

"When you're working from home, you don't want to feel siloed, to feel alone.

"When you're small and you're building your brand identity, as a business it's very important to have that face to face, that personal touch."


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A huge thank you to Julia and Good Loop for sharing with us. 

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