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Media Planning & Buying - the Top Stats from the Salary & Benefits Survey

So, 2020 was a year we would all like to forget! Tough for everyone from a personal and business prospective, but now that 2021 is feeling like it is in full swing and we are starting to see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel... 

What has the last year taught us about what is important in our jobs and careers? We have completed our annual Sphere Salary & Benefits Survey and here are some snippets of the overall findings for Media Planners and Buyers from Nicola LeBorgne, Executive Consultant.  


Benefits - what's changed? 

MPB stats

Benefits have been a hot topic in agency land for the last few years. Historically media agencies didn’t even offer pensions but things have changed a lot in the last 10+ years and quite rightly so! 

Enhanced benefits packages have been introduced but what do media agency employees want verses what is on offer? 

Unlimited annual was a highly desired benefit, with an 15% difference from our last survey. Life insurance is no longer a desirable benefit with a 44% difference between those currently receiving it versus the number that want this benefit.


What about working from home…? 

The conversation I have with most candidates is “what will the new normal be?” As expected, flexible working is now being offered by many more employers, up from 13% pre covid to 60% in 2021. Despite this, flexible working continues to be sought-after by Media Planners and Buyers who do not currently receive this, with a 13% disparity between the number of people who are offered this benefit and those that want it. 

In the coming weeks I am sure Agencies will start to reveal what home/office work will look like but I think it is fair to say that most Media Planners and Buyers would love to enjoy the flexibility of working in a buzzing office on some days and the opportunity to knuckle down at home too. 

If the last 12 months have shown us anything, it is that working from home can work!

MPB stats


When people on embark on a job search how do they go about it and what is important?

From the individuals that completed the survey, 35% found their role via a head-hunter or recruiter, 24% from a referral or their network and 13% through LinkedIn. 

MPB stats

Another finding was that 72% of Media Planners and Buyers consider the salary and bonus on offer very important when searching for their next role and progression came in close behind at 61%.  

The top 3 factors when job searching were, salary and bonus (72%), progression (61%) and culture (57%). 


So, overall unlimited holidays, home v’s office working, salary, progression and culture are the most important factors when looking at opportunities. Life insurance is nice, but not something that is sort after and from our findings, when searching for new roles – recruiters and referrals are the were how most found their next role! 

The last 12 months have been challenging but I do think there will be positives and learnings that will come from this. 

If you want to learn more about the findings from our salary survey check out the full report here. 


Nicola LeBorgne
Executive Consultant - Media Planning and Buying

MPB stats

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