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Furlough Report

Over a quarter of the UK workforce (27% and 7.5M people) are currently on Furlough and this has risen from 4 million at the end of April.

Continuing from our survey of the impact of Covid-19 on people working across the digital landscape, we zoomed in on how furlough is affecting our industry. Last week we surveyed thousands of candidates* who work in agencies, brands, technology vendors, and publishers, who have found themselves on furlough. 

We wanted to share this with you: 

  • The digital sector is increasingly taking advantage of the scheme: 14% of those surveyed being put on furlough in the first two weeks of May to 46% in May.

  • Whilst seemingly jobs are being protected, 80% are actively seeking new employment. 

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*data collected between 12th May - 15th May. We will be running the survey monthly to see how this develops